What is Seeds & Soul: Indigenous Cultural Exchange and Festival?

SEEDS & SOUL Festival is a one-day festival co-produced by Audiopharmacy Prescriptions and Dancing Earth that centers around culture, art, food, and relationship-building as tools for social & environmental change.

SEEDS & SOUL aims to provide an open-to-ALL, creative, and welcoming space to cultivate bridge building and collaboration between Indigenous-identifying, POC communities, and allies.  In the face of increased policing, global corporatization, and privatization of natural and public goods, SEEDS & SOUL will inspire unity-in-diversity and highlight community challenges/solutions through traditional and contemporary cultural sharing, performance arts, workshops, and interactive panels/discussions. We will facilitate respectful cultural knowledge and history exchanges to strengthen bridges among indigenous peoples of the San Francisco Bay Area and non-natives. The festival will culminate with performances produced by Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions.

SEEDS & SOUL is birthed, in part, due to a successful crowdfunding campaign, which brought together people from a wide range of communities and localities behind the vision of bridging communities through an indigenous cultural exchange and festival in the Bay Area.    Empowered and supported by everyday people, as well as those who have been working at the forefront of various artistics, social & eco-justice movements, the campaign has successfully fundraise approximately $20,000 in the last three months to bring the vision of SEEDS & SOUL to life!

This is an invitation to all those who are journeying to understand and overcome the violence that colonization continues to have on the psyche and spirit of indigenous peoples and our planet.  All of the festival activities will aim to deepen our connectedness to ourselves, each other, our ancestors, and to Mama Earth.

Why October 24?
The fall is a time of harvest, a time for sharing abundance, and a wonderful time to celebrate community.  For the Indigenous people native to the Bay Area, the month of October is significant in bringing more wide-spread recognition of the histories, cultures, challenges and accomplishments of Native Americans.  Founded in 1992 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Indigenous Peoples’ Day is observed and celebrated as an alternative to Columbus Day.  The holiday highlights Native peoples’ resilience and resistance, which has been voiced in various ways, including art, activism, performance and the preservation & practice of traditional cultural practices.  Events organized around Indigenous Peoples Day include the Ohlone Big Time, Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow, and Alcatraz Sunrise Ceremony. Additionally, in October, Filipino American History and Heritage Month, as well as Dia de Los Muertos is also observed and celebrated by indigenous-identifying people making it a lively month for celebrating the rich cultural diversity in the U.S.