The team consists of Jo “love/speak” Cruz, Operations Manager of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions Collective, Rulan Tangen, founding Artistic Director of Dancing Earth Creations, and Javier Fresquez, Dancing Earth Company Member and Administrator.

Jo “love/speak” Cruz – Operations Manager of the Audiopharmacy Prescriptions. Joana Cruz immigrated to the United States from the Philippines in the 1980s her father, mother and little brother during a time when hip-hop culture was inspiring empowerment, inspiration and self-expression to youth nation-wide.  Since then, Joana has been inspired by the arts, and how it has engaged and empowered diverse POC and immigrant communities all over the world.  Throughout college, she focused on addressing cultural competency issues affecting women, ex-prisoners, people with trauma and drug addiction, and the Asian American community.  After graduating with a Masters in Public Administration, she sought to see if the grass was truly greener on the otherside by working for a pharmaceutical consulting company.  Two years later, inspired by the conscious & artistic endeavors of Audiopharmacy Prescriptions, she changed directions and left her steady “9 to 5” corporate job to become Operations Manager as the need for organizational development and capacity build for the grassroots collective grew.  With Audiopharmacy, Jo also helps to develop members, both on an individual and collective level, by providing artistic, spiritual & business development in the areas of music, live art, poetry, writing, theater, fashion, sustainability practices, community organizing, cross-cultural collaborations, tools for empowerment and activism, marketing and research.

Today, with over 15 years of experience working with various arts communities, 10 years of public administration, and with over 6 years of experience in operations management, Joana has successfully managed projects in the music, arts, community healing and fashion industries. Throughout her career, she has developed relationships with international and domestic organizations, organized international tours, and has managed multiple staff in executing album production and merchandise development projects. Additionally, she is well versed in project management software, social media platforms, grant writing, website content development, and graphic design programs.

Rulan Tangen (Metis) – Founding Artistic Director of Dancing Earth Creations. Rulan’s dance background spans professional ballet, modern, opera, circus, television, and film productions throughout the world, as well as being a proud traditional powwow dancer.  She dedicates her life to evolving an eco-cultural form of dance, through community-involved workshops and performance that cultivate and inspire leadership in the next generation of Indigenous artists.

Javier Fresquez – Dancing Earth Company Member and Admin. Originally from El Paso, Texas,  Javier traces his mixed ancestry to the Piru and Tigua Pueblo peoples of southern New Mexico, and various peoples in Europe. Javier has coordinated Dancing Earth’s summer dance intensives, and three of their full-scale shows. He recently served as Powwow Committee Secretary for the the 4th annual BAAITS Two-Spirit Powwow held at Cow Palace.

The Indigenous Wombyn and Two-spirit leaders of Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions are brought together by:

  • mutual love and respect for each other as women, sisters, and leaders within our communities. We recognize that within this multi-heritage spectrum, we each have lives, practices, and social positionalities that range from “traditional” to “progressive/modern.” As we come together to produce and, finally, experience this festival, we will consciously enact, hold space for, and reflect upon a wide range of ideas surrounding female leadership, roles, and strengths.
  • the desire to raise the level of consciousness and collective action around taking care of our Mother Earth, her precious resources and her peoples.
  • the power of the arts to inspire and illicit transformative change and critical practices (abstract thinking, critical analysis, focus, collaboration, creativity, and accountability) to improve our daily lives and strengthen our communities.
  • producing creative works and events that are focused on utility for indigenous people; but will also provide access and benefits to non-Native people as well.
  • Both Dancing Earth and Audiopharmacy Prescriptions each have national and internationally for their performances and event production.  This heart-based collaboration brings our forces together in a powerful new way!