Pulling together inspiration from all corners of the Earth, Audiopharmacy combines its talents to make a sound/culture that is avant-garde, yet always speaking the language of the people. Making music that moves the soul and stirs insight, Audiopharmacy- a 5-piece live Conscious Hip-Hop ensemble based in San Francisco, consists of founder – Teao (guitar & turntables), Native American (Pomo)/African lyricist – Ras K’dee (MC & keys),Keepyahjoy (bass & buckets), Pasha Brown (MC & Sampler), & Ras Kwome (drums & vocals). Spawned from its roots in hip-hop, Audiopharmacy is inspired to extend its repertoire beyond the genre by intricately fusing live instrumentation & global musical styles, making the Audiopharmacy sound consistently evolving & eclectic. Audiopharmacy, previously known as K.A.O.T.I.C. S.O.U.L.S. (Killing All Of the Ignorant Concepts So Others Understand Life’s Source) has been one of the pioneers of the Conscious Hip Hop movement in the Bay Area since the mid 90’s gaining accolades from other artists world-wide. Although their sound is one of a kind, fans of Audiopharmacy have identified their sound as the ultimate blend of Manu Chao, Portishead, The Fugees, & Midnite, while lyrically, they are reminiscent of the great Gil Scott Heron, Black Star with the spirit of Bob Marley.

Audiopharmacy has been blessed with the opportunity to collaborate or share the stage, both domestically & internationally, with many influential hip hop acts including the Wu Tang Clan, Dan the Automator, Michael Franti, Dead Prez, DJ Q-Bert, Grammy- Award winning Maya Azucena, and Shing02, to name a few. Domestically, Audiopharmacy have performed all over the West Coast (Ford Amphitheater, Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, Paramount Theater), as well as New York. Internationally, Audiopharmacy has taken the stage at festivals, concert halls, & clubs, in Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, the UK, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Solomon Islands, & Ecuador, Morocco, Oman and Cyprus.

DANCING EARTH CREATIONS is a non profit organization that dynamically animates our mission to support Indigenous dance and related arts, to encourage and revitalize awareness of diversity through artistic expression for the education and wellness of all peoples. This mission is active through the national work of DANCING EARTH Indigenous Intertribal dance Ensemble (director Rulan Tangen), and two year-round associate youth cultural dance training programs in the Bay Area. Cuicacalli Escuela de Danza is led by director Jesus “Jacoh” Cortes, guest artist since 2006 of DANCING EARTH)in San Francisco, and the Dance Zone in Cupertino is led by director Daniel Arizmendi, company member of DANCING EARTH. DANCING EARTH CREATIONS is committed to mentorship of emerging artists, providing opportunities for Indigenous employment across all areas of dance production , education, and administration, to develop the next generation of Indigenous dance.

Lumenscapes Illumination MediaLumenscapes Illumination Media serves a gamut of markets, including concert, corporate events, installation art, special events, theatre, television and film. Our staff offers years of experience serving the specialized needs of each of our markets. We can provide a single discipline, such as lighting, audio or video, or we can bundle services for an integrated solution that covers the needs of the entire project. A branch of our business is called Zia Domes. We offer geodesic event domes for your events. Great for product launches, film festivals, galas, openings and more. Their mission is to help bring light to your project.

Real reggae music.  That’s what we do. We boom and bless the best sounds of rastafari without slackness or apology. We live the sounds we play.  Conscious music for all people.  We give music to Jah people on the streets or in the houses of rastafari in the great tradition of Jamaican sound systems. We are the largest reggae sound system in the United States. And we made this sound system. It was not bought at the store. It was crafted by our designs choosing the best speaker drivers, highest grade wiring, and speaker construction. And by detailing and planning each component, we make the music massive. The story of the sound system is the story of freedom sounds realized. It was designed by freedom fighters. Our mission is also to bring the dance to the world. We bless the nation with the best reggae, dub, roots rock and foundation music for the massive.  We don’t play or promote slackness.  This is healing music for the upliftment of all.

We are conscious rasta rebel rockers. We are Moringa — moringa is the healing tree — the healing of the nation. We are the Star — we see the guiding light of the Shield of Solomon — the intersection of all diversity into unity.  It is the natural integration of all life – from man and woman to dark and light to the seen and unseen. Selah. We are Movement — we believe in the movement of the masses.  We love to move.  From the baby in the womb, to the first steps of a child, to the stepper of the dancer, to the promotion of justice in every righteous social movement — we move.

SOMArts’ Neighborhood Arts Services Program (formerly Technical Services) offers wheelchair-accessible lifts, staging, catwalks, bleacher seating, pa systems and consultation for San Francisco’s many street fairs and festivals ranging from small neighborhood film screenings to San Francisco Pride to the Chinatown New Year Parade. The program has a rich history and has been working with most arts and culture festivals since their grassroots beginnings. Organizations who have participated in the program over the past year include those listed above in addition to Bayview Hunters Point Multipurpose Senior Services, Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema, CARECEN, Carnaval San Francisco, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Precita Eyes, and many others. In addition to providing below-market services to community benefit organizations, SOMArts’ Neighborhood Arts Services program has historically provided mentorship to youth age 16 to 24.